And now some music: Hudson Taylor

Singing for StrangersThese guys are Irish, so I suppose I’m biased in their favour – maybe that’s why I feel the need to share. But whatever.

Harry and Alfie are brothers whose music I came across on Youtube. My sister bought their first album, Singing for strangers, last year; every song is distinctive and there is not one I don’t like. The songs tell stories, and the lyrics have actual meaning (“Put me in a box and tick it/don’t tell me I can’t be who I am”; “There’s no one hanging ’round since they ripped out the soul of the town.”) Also, I went to their concert in the Olympia (in Dublin) last May and it was an amazing night. The atmosphere was incredible; it was one heck of a show.

Obviously music is even more subjective than some of the other things I’ve recommended on here, so there’s no particular reason for you to agree with me. But do have a listen.

A few of my favourites are Battles, Care, Holly, and Weapons.

Hudson Taylor ticekts


“I Ship It” by Yulin Kuang – short film

I Ship It was one of the first short films I came across, and still my favourite of the ones I’ve seen. When I watched the Lizzie Bennet diaries originally (I recommended them on here a couple of months ago), I was especially struck by the performance of Mary Kate Wiles, who played Lydia. After I finished the diaries, I began to look at other things she had done, and that was how I came across I Ship It.

Directed by Yulin Kuang, the story follows a hardcore Harry Potter fan (I approve I approve) going through a break-up. Zoe teams up with her friend Charlie (dealing with his own break-up by dismantling an “ex-box” of memories) to beat her ex in a battle of the bands.

I loved the close friendship the two main characters had and I found them both very endearing. It was great how they chose (well, Zoe chose, Charlie was forced) to respond to tough times by being creative. The film was polished and pretty (there’s music throughout, they go to a park, there is a blue door/phone/hairbow and pleasing patterned wallpaper) and – of course – it was Cute. I mean, Cute is all you really need. Watch it here.

One of the favourite quotes:

“The battle of the bands is in five days. Taylor Swift can write two songs in one hour. We can do this…”