Spore – short film recommendation

I really liked this short film; it was effectively eerie and a clever concept. Perry Spore is visiting Earth, but it all goes fascinatingly wrong…

It was lovely to see Lizzie Bennet actors Ashley Clements and Mary Kate Wiles all goried up. But what especially impressed me was the fact that MK Wiles started the project herself. I have a tendency to not attempt things if I’m not sure how to go about doing them, so to me this initiative is impressive. By vlogging throughout the experience, Wiles also gives us a really interesting insight into what work is involved in making a film like this. I thoroughly enjoyed both the film and the accompanying Behind the Scenes vlogs.

Okay, I’ll stop fangirling about MK Wiles now.

(Side note: After this post, I’m going to take a blogging break for a little while, at least until the summer. I have some big exams that are getting scarily close, and I need to cut down on things-that-require-brain-space. I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, I’ve a pretty big archive by now! There’s plenty to keep you busy.)


Germ magazine

Today I want to talk about an online magazine that I absolutely love called Germ magazine.

As explained on their website: “Germ [noun] — the origin of something; a thing that may serve as the basis of further growth or development (as in “a germ of happiness”).”

Germ was inspired by the book All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, in which (among other things) the main character starts her own online magazine of the same name – Germ. (It’s a beautiful book, just by the way. You should read it.) One of the things I really like about the magazine is how, clicking into the website for the first time after reading the book, you can spot all the links: references to wandering, quotes, and of course the menu option for “Bright Places”.

The site itself is gorgeous. It has a bit of everything, really: poetry and stories, movie reviews, beautiful photographs, interviews, articles. (Articles, may I add, about almost anything under the sun, from funny to serious to inspiring.) I particularly like when activism-related, let’s-achieve-things pieces come along.

Germ was also the very first magazine ever to publish one of my stories. They’re open to submissions and that means they’re filled to the brim with the writing of people finding their voices, from all over the world. It’s a really wonderful resource and community to have, and the general atmosphere of let’s-make-the-world-better-while-also-making-it-prettier always leaves me feeling motivated.

So, why not go have a look around? You might like it too…