Christmas reading haul

A very happy new year to you. I was lucky enough to be given lots of new things to read for Christmas. I’d like to share some of my favourites with you:

the mothLit magazines: First of all, there are two literary magazines, Crannóg and The Moth. Both are so very pretty, and I’m looking forward to them. I haven’t started either yet – I’m saving them for during term time, because I’ve found short pieces are less inclined to suck you in and consume brain space. However, I have been reading Frostbitten, issue 6 of Silver Apples magazine, which they have kindly released for free as a Christmas present. (You can download your own copy here.) I’ll be doing a quick run-through of my favourite pieces soon.

Books: Books-wise, my two favourites are Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne, and Carol by Patricia Highsmith. I’ve yet to read Carol, but the movie was beautiful (I mean, my name is Carol. I had to see it…teaser trailer here), and I’m excited to read a lesbian romance that had an unconventionally hopeful ending for its time (it was originally published as The Price of Salt in 1952.) I’m delighted to have been made aware of its existence.

I LOVED Am I Normal Yet? It tells the story of Evie, a girl restarting school while coming off meds for her OCD. It portrayed so well her experiences as a teenager/girl with mental health issues, and her frustration with the ignorance of the wider world. But it also accurately conveyed the feeling of being a teenage girl, full stop. For one thing, this book did not pretend teenagers are self-absorbed and only interested in themselves or their clothes. Evie and her friends had fun and had laughs, they went to parties, they talked about boys, but they were also real people. They liked books, they liked learning things. They had interests in art, or in movies as an art form. They talked about sexism. They explored feminism – with some confusion at first, but conviction by the book’s end. I would definitely recommend it.

In other presents/news, I also received a lot of Cadbury’s chocolate. So not a bad Christmas overall.