Something for the Christmas list

So, something slightly more light-hearted this week.

Christmas is a-coming and I have a suggestion for the wish list:

– The movie Song of the Sea is absolutely beautiful. It was made in Ireland by the studio Cartoon Saloon. This year it received an Oscar nomination for best animated feature (like The Secret of Kells before it, which was made by the same studio and nominated in 2009). I loved the snippets of Gaeilge (Irish language) and all of the Celtic symbols woven into the animation – the backdrops were so detailed, each still frame was in itself a work of art. The storyline was also excellent: endearingly stubborn characters, a touch of modern-day Dublin, a giant fluffy dog and Irish legends all rolled into one. I loved the way each human character had a faerie counterpart. I also found it thought-provoking: for example, the use of “medicine” is echoed by the use of magic to numb emotions, and numbing emotions with magic results in being turned to stone…

Obviously as an Irish person there was a lot of cultural value in Song of the Sea for me, but this is a story for everyone and the creators should be very proud. You can see the movie’s Facebook page here and watch the movie trailer here. Enoy. 🙂

Happy Christmas and I’ll write again in the New Year.