Something worth watching

“I’m gonna answer the questions that people always ask me, but with an honest twist.”

Just about every TED talk is worth watching if you have time, but “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model” by Cameron Russell is one that has stuck out for me.

Question: “How’d you become a model?”

Truthful answer: “I won the genetic lottery, and I am the recipient of a legacy.”

After proving the power of image in the first minute of her talk, Russell dissects the legacy and industry from which she has benefitted, tactfully and with honesty: image is superficial, and yet, has a huge impact on our lives. Russell mentions racial discrimination (something that I really appreciated and thought brave, as a white woman discussing her own white privilege). She also very effectively explains that the cool happy image in the photo is not real, despite girls across the world thinking these pictures are what they should aspire to.

I would definitely recommend watching this talk, which you can find here. It’s entertaining, it’s well structured, it makes you think, and it’s less than 10 minutes long. What’s not to like?