Chapters bookshop – somewhere to visit

I love bookshops much more than I should for the amount of money I have. One brand-new book is enough to make me happy, but shelf after shelf…gets dangerous.

I like Hodges Figgis a lot, but my favourite bookshop in Dublin has got to be Chapters on Parnell Street. It’s independent (Ireland’s largest independent bookstore), Irish-owned, and the sheer volume of books…it can be hard work finding the back wall of the shop.

Chapters also buys second-hand books (or CDs or DVDs) for cash or store credit. The upstairs of the shop is a huge second-hand section. I don’t bring all my books there – there are a lot of options for second-hand stuff, I also like book swaps and car boot sales – but if I’m looking to buy something specific, or if I have some good quality hardbacks, this is my go-to.

The one criticism I would have is that, to me, the Young Adult (YA) section feels a bit understated. It’s hidden in the corner so you have to search to find it, and the selection is not the best or the most varied I’ve seen. That said, Chapters has a way of making other books appeal to me in a way many shops don’t. The classics section is lovely.

If you’re in Dublin and you think you’d like to visit, there’s a map at the bottom of their website, linked above.