Jane Austen, you say? …Lizzie Bennet and Emma Approved

I would not recommend watching either of these if you have a big deadline/state exam approaching, but these modern interpretations of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Emma are really rather fabulous. Both series take the classic Jane Austens and put them in a modern context, the stories told in vlog(video blog)-style by the main characters. Balls are replaced by house parties, rich landlords by rich businessmen and Bingley by Bing Lee.

I clicked on the first episode of Lizzie Bennet out of curiosity, the second because I had time to spare, and the fifteenth because I was hooked. Emma Approved was pretty much the same. I hadn’t planned to get into either of them, it just…happened somehow. Binging is so easy when the average episode is about four minutes long.

I loved seeing how different parts of the stories were modernised, and trying to figure out the less obvious links. There are also plenty of extras to be had if you need more, including sideline vlogs by Lydia Bennet and Harriet Smith. Such excitement.

You can watch the first episodes of Lizzie Bennet Diaries here and of Emma Approved here.


Hey, there…


I’m starting this blog because often I find things I like, and the plan is to get them in one place. There’s gonna be lots of book-I-like, places-I-like, random-videos-or-other-things-I’ve-found-online-I-like…and hey, really I can just write about whatever I want. That sounds like fun. Even if WordPress is just a little confusing.

Let’s see how it goes.